Stegosaurus – The Greatest Of All Time


The stegosaurus is the most boss of all animals that ever lived. I shouldn’t have to explain why, but I will as I enjoy anything and everything relating to stegos. I mean just one look at a depiction of this majestic creature or a glance at its fossilized skeleton elicits reverence of the highest magnitude. Just imagine how a hungry predatory dinosaurs felt when they were looking for food and they came across the dreadful beast that was the stegosaur. Try to conceive the internal battle in their head as they debated whether to try to take a bite out of such a monstrosity or continue to starve. What a conundrum! Envision salivating at a 3 ton hunk of meat in your sights but at the same time looking down a spine lined with a super intimidating double row of SHARP ARMORED PLATES and then onto a long agile tail tipped with two pairs of HEINOUS SPIKES OF ANNIHILATION and then being scared right out of your dino-pants! It’s important to know that those tail spikes are informally called a thagomizer. That’s right, THAGOMIZER! (Coined by Gary Larson of the Far Side comics.) The most awesome word I have ever heard and certainly a term that brings forth feelings of pure terror.

Scientists who have had the privilege of studying this sadly extinct amazing dino, say that stegosaurs were basically expert kung-fu masters at whipping their ultra vicious tails around to eradicate any nearby threat. If only I had a trained stegosaur to unleash upon my enemies! Literally built like a truck and probably the most appropriate thing to ever be described as ‘not to be messed with’, the stegosaurus is in a league all on its own as far as living organisms go in my book. So if you’re into tyrannosaurs, spinosaurs, or raptors, get outta my face! Those guys literally couldn’t even touch the stegosaur. No other dinosaur has anything on the great stegosaur, who to top off its wicked coolness was essentially a pacifist that only ate plants and only messed around and hurt others in self defense. What a marvel!

10 Spiky Facts About Stegosaurus – Mental Floss

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