The Magic of Manufacturing


‘How It’s Made’ videos are just so darn cool. They are interesting in a thousand different ways. It is especially intriguing for someone such as myself who has a passion for manufacturing and is striving to make a career out of working in the industry. I have extremely enjoyed every manufacturing plant tour I have ever been on and felt fortunate for the experience. Thankfully, ‘How It’s Made’ videos allow me to take a condensed rapid plant tour from the comfort of my own home. Hooray, Internet!

When I watch these kinds of videos I am in awe of the current state of processes used to mass produce everyday common objects. I wonder at the ability to take bulk amounts of simple homogeneous materials and compound and blend them into intricate products using energy and ingenuity. I try to fathom what the earliest methods were that were used to create the object. I marvel at how impossible it is to imagine all the various iterations that were used to go from crude manual construction to the most efficient way currently possible. Of particular awesomeness are the custom dedicated machines that were designed for one single obscure purpose, to perform a lone manufacturing step in a sequence of many aligned to produce the final result. It is fascinating how despite all the technology used, in almost all instances, humans are still a very important part of the system and perform essential functions that just can’t yet be done better or cheaper by machines. Sometimes, the most astounding processes are the machines and methods that merely package the product!

This post was inspired by how tennis balls are made. Check it out!
How Tennis Balls Are Made

My favorite how its made video is all time is the one about potato chips. Looks amazing and tasty!

How Potato Chips Are Made

What’s your favorite ‘How It’s Made Video’?

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