Top 5 – The Best Keyboard Shortcuts:

Wizard at work!

I always say I was raised on computers. One may refer to someone with elite computers skills as a computer nerd or geek. I’ll just go with computer wizard. Here are some my favorite keyboard tricks that can be employed when clicking and menus won’t do it.


There are many scenarios where one might need to close a window faster than navigating the cursor to the X symbol in the top right, which can sometimes not even have an effect. That journey is longer than you might think in brain calculation time and one might find that journey is enough time to nullify a decision to close a window that has overstayed its welcome. Be decisive with Alt + F4 and squash those windows! While using a computer, one can end up getting into a number of different undertakings causing multiple windows and programs to be open and cluttering your computer’s world. When this gets overwhelming or tiring, it is a great relief to simply mash the Alt + F4 buttons simultaneously and repeatedly to close window after window and end your voyage into the the digital rabbit hole brought forth by computers and the internet. Use this shortcut to rage quit a frustrating endeavor or escape the clutches of addicting software with haste before your willpower fades.


Equally as important with escaping the clutches of CPU pitfalls is this three finger wonder: Delete with Control and Alt. This magical maneuver can generate a number of results, but first and foremost, it interrupts whatever confounded undertaking your PC is involved in and allows you to retake control when programs freeze or your computer has stalled any further use. This is crucial when your processing ambitions have become too great for your machine to accommodate. This button combination almost always interrupts the current tasks in order to bring up the ability to initiate a full reboot or just utilize the task manager, with which you can target and smite evil programs crippling your computer companion.


A personal favorite spell of mine is cast reanimate on last closed browser tab! Control + Shift +T is extremely useful for when you need to bring back previous internet pages that have been slain. Handy for responding to accidents or tab closing actions made prematurely. The mouse operation for this one is cumbersome, so this one is a real time and frustration saver. Practice this one until it becomes second nature to reverse your internet adventure blunders.


For when your windows are not organized for optimal viewing and you need to get them in order quick, use the windows key along with an arrow key to align the open window neatly to the left or right side of the screen with the left or right arrow. Use up to maximize the current window and down to minimize. BONUS SHORTCUT: Use Alt+Tab to alternate between windows while organizing your open windows into optimal viewing arrangement. Perfect for referencing your spellbook while writing scrolls!


The grandmasters of all keyboard shortcuts are these letters located adjacent to each other. Shame on you if you don’t already know and use ‘Control + Z’ to neutralize any mistakes and practically go back in time a few second to right your wrongs. Tremendously useful in preventing excess clicking around is the shortcuts to copy, ‘Control + C’, or to cut, ‘Control + X’, and then paste, ‘Control + Z’. These all are a must know for any apprentice computer wizard striving for greatness.

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Robots & Manufacturing

Helpful Robots!
Helpful Robots!

One of my former bosses once handed me a pamphlet he received in the mail for a local seminar about a newer robot designed to work in manufacturing. He wanted to know if I was interested in attending in order to evaluate if the new robot could be worthwhile investment for our plant. To get away from work to see a robotics demonstration and a free lunch, how could I say no?
While typical manufacturing robots are simply automated arms or machines custom designed to perform particular functions, this one was something else entirely. The robot was almost humanoid and possessed several innovative features that would allow it to add value to manufacturing processes in ways entirely different than most of the standard machinery available.
Its name was Baxter. Though I ended up not recommending our company invest in the $30,000 robot as opposed to hiring a human worker that could ultimately perform a wider variety of tasks with greater skill, it was exciting to observe a type of technology that would obviously soon make a substantial impact in my field. Baxter was a two armed robot that could learn tasks simply by humans moving its arms and interfacing with its controls. Impressively, Baxter had a visual system for analyzing parts and making decisions based on programmed criteria, as well as advanced safety features to detect nearby human workers as well as halt movements in order to prevent injury.
I knew that Baxter could be useful to many factories right that day, but not ours. This was on account of the fact that we already had high end machinery that performed all of our main processes. We also had a limited number of very experienced, very skilled floor employees that were employed to do things that Baxter just couldn’t… yet. Furthermore, I had my doubts about the usability of the control interface and training the average worker to teach Baxter. The biggest deal breaker was that most of our operations dealt with moving parts that were too small for Baxter to handle.
However, as with the case with most technologies, once they exist they are improved upon rapidly. So I could clearly envision a Baxter 2.0 handling a number of our manufacturing duties down the road. With just a reasonable amount of design refining and usability improvements applied to this robot, it was clear that there would be no reason that robots like Baxter would not someday be widely implemented.
I really wanted to justify the purchase of a Baxter and to see his LCD face displaying basic reactions around our plant. It just was not the time yet, but it was rewarding experience to gain a glimpse into what manufacturing future might hold and see a demonstration of technology on the cusp of large scale break through.

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